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Lena Paul


Lena Paul rocks a perfect rack of 32DDD tits. That's right, three Ds. Her delicious body is composed of a 25-inch waist, a 36-inch ass and a strong desire pleasure and seduce any man she comes in contact with. Lena was a smart and sexy businesswoman who worked in Latin-American relations with agricultural start ups in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. She went started camming because working with start ups it doesn't always automatically pay, so she had to find money somewhere. And once she started camming the agents started flocking to her, and we don't blame them, because who would even dismiss Lena!? So, from being in front of a webcam to in front of the camera and became an instant star. She's a one of a kind busty sensation. It's funny that something she is known for is her huge bush, and that came about by pure rebellion, "Like my bush, for example, that was a total rebellion move. I made a deal with myself when I got into the business that I wasn’t going to be the type of girl who changed herself for the business. It was either going to be a take me or leave me scenario." Lena is a woman that knows what she wants and will get it the way that she wants or as close as possible to it. She's super hot and sexy and can make you cum in seconds, but she's also very smart and business savvy.
Lena grew up all over the Southeastern part of the United States, Florida mainly, and was born October 12, 1993, so you know to give her a birthday shout out on Twitter or Instagram. Lena is still semi new so we expect huge things from her huge titties in the porn industry.

Check out her videos on,, and bonus channel PureTaboo.

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