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Laney Grey

Laney Grey is a brand spanking new self-proclaimed filthy, fun sized, fuck doll who is an orally fixated cam brat. So, what does that mean? Well, let us explain, she’s teeny tiny, petite, little slut nympho who loves to fuck until the cows come home and she loves to have things in her mouth, if you can’t use your imagination, it means that she loves to have cocks shoved down her mouth, and she loves being on cam and doing cam shows just for you. Her love of sucking cock is so unreal, she would love to suck cock every hour for the rest of her life if her jaw wouldn’t be severely damaged, she thinks that America’s pastime should be sucking big dicks, not baseball. Laney is a huge stoner and loves weed almost as much as she likes her holes to be filled up and stretched out, she digs the culture of stoners and the psychedelia that is attached to it. Laney likes art and awesome landscapes where she can take a selfie in front of and show her fans.
Often times, she craves thick hands that can wrap around her throat and give a good squeeze. Although having a slender body, she can back that ass up and show you what she’s working with, curving her body and arching her back to feel the cocks going inside her deeper within. Check out this new starlet on our site BADDADDYPOV and hopefully soon on the rest of our stuff.

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21 Photos, 16:39 | 2020-01-10

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