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Lolly Ink

Lolly Ink is a tattooed blonde big boob porn star. When I say big boobs i mean, BIG BOOBS. I'm just going to go ahead and guess that Lolly also is or was at sometime a stripper. I know that is prejudice as fuck, but look at her. Tell me you don't think she is or was a stripper at some time. I feel like that makes sense. Hot girl strips. Hot girl meets someone who can get her into porn. Hot girl does porn. Who cares. Lolly Ink is super hot and I am happy she and her huge boobs are making porn.

Please cast your vote. | Avg Rating: 5.0

48:38 | 2019-12-27

Please cast your vote. | Avg Rating: 5.0

50 Photos, 58:33 | 2017-01-21