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Avery Moon

Avery Moon is a petite, small tits, brunette with beautiful hazel eyes born September 4, 1992, and hails from Phoenix, Arizona. She first started working in the porn industry as a webcam model, which she continues to work in today. She is known for making some of the raunchiest webcam videos out there, that’s how she got a huge international following on her sites and on social sites like Twitter. She has described herself as a typical girl next door, and usually the girl next door isn’t actually doing the nasty stuff we’re imagining but you bet your ass off that Avery Moon is doing all that kinky stuff and more. She doesn’t mind sharing her pussy with guys or girls as long as she gets to cum and have others cum on her. She loves fantasies and role-playing, playing in scenes as a lesbian stepsister and many others. Avery loves the outdoors, most recently posting a video of her going down a huge water slide and doing a huge flip, this girl is not afraid to tackle anything if nature does not scare her, do you think a massive cock will? Maybe. She’s a health nut and loves doing cardio, going on runs almost every day, she highly suggests you do it as well. Avery digs many types of music, such as punk, even once writing a song dedicated to GG Allin, which should right away really tell you about the person that Avery is. Although it may not matter to many, Avery is also very conscious of what’s going on in the world, keeping herself educated and up to date on current events. She loves chatting with her friends and her fans and always makes time for them and available to take selfies. If you haven’t noticed by now, she’s a pretty cool chick. Check her out in her scene with Victoria Gracen on DTFSluts!

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35:06 | 2019-11-08