Violet - Babes Love Dinosaurs


James Deen, Violet


Violet meets up with James Deen outside. The weather seems to be sunny but the way both of them are dressed says otherwise. It seems a little chilly. The two walk a few blocks and drop by the national museum. They checked out all artifacts displayed and Violet, out of nowhere, mentions how much she loves dinosaurs. After a few hours in the museum, the two heads to a cafe to grab some coffee. They continue talking to each other until they ended up in a hotel room. The next scene cuts into Violet already kneeling on the wooden floor, sucking someone’s big dick. As she continuously deepthroats his cock, she strips her clothes one after another until she is fully naked. She gives him a blowjob until his big cock becomes fucking hard. James makes her lie down on the bed as he gently thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. He fucks her hard in the missionary position as he caresses her breasts. He then kisses her on the lips as he humps her pussy. The porn stars then switch sex positions. James lies on the bed while Violet hops on top of him. She guides his big hard cock into her pussy. With his dick hitting the right spot, she fucks his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. James then takes his turn and humps her in the scoop me up position. Feeling his dick throbbing, James knew that he is about to reach his peak. So he switches sex positions and puts her on all fours. Without any warning, James Deen rams his big hard cock into her wet and tight pussy. He humps her hard in the doggy-style position until he is about to orgasm. He then pulls out. Violet sucks his big hard throbbing cock until her orgasms. She happily lies on his chest after sex.


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