Maya Bijou Learns What "Rough Sex" Means


Maya Bijou comes in to say and that she’s a big fan of James Deen. It’s understandable and most of you can relate. Now, this chick is invite to have a meet and greet with her idol plus some things that she never forget the rest of her life. She asks the man to fuck her hard like a cheap whore he picked up in an alley at 2am. Maya’s youthful features are quivering with excitement as James comes over. He examined the goods and starts his thing he is good with— a good old rough fucking. James’ foreplay is not a laughing matter at all. He makes sure that Maya can take all of it so he introduces her slowly. Some examples we may mention here are the things like inserting his whole hand in her mouth or just plainly shoving his dick into her mouth while she has a mask on. You know the usual. Maya is a good girl. She held her ground against James’ rough advances. Her shaved pussy is ready for it all. It’s all she’s been wanting since. He fucked her in the ass after some time and don’t complain at all. James continues to pin her down and toss her around. He fucks her from behind and pulls her head towards him using the same mask he used for his blowjob earlier. He made sure that she gets the full treatment. He just dragged her ass around the couch fucks her against anything he thinks she is capable of being fucked. It’s not much but James Deen compensate by getting creative for few times. We can’t really call it complete if James don’t give her the cum she worked hard for. She sits against the couch awaits his blessing. It came wildly that it automatically spread throughout her face. Congratulations, Maya.


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