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Janice Griffith: Battle Of The Squirters

Maybe you’ve heard a little game called Battleships. This time, James Deen makes his own version of it involving his big dick and Janice Griffith’s ability to make a projectile out of her cum. It goes by the name of Battlesquirts. Before anything else, James Deen made sure that Janice is in good condition to be qualified in his little game. To do this, he had to make her as wet as possible. James does this by being intimate with Janice by finger fucking her pussy and licking it as hard as he can. To make it even more interesting, James drags Janice to a nearby wall. James pushes her against it and starts getting rough with Janice. Seeing Janice’s face when he grabbed her by the neck, it seems that this kind of roughness it right up her alley. She lets James do what he fuckin’ wants. After a while, James pulls out his big dick and Janice drops down to her knees. He starts face fucking Janice and making her gag several times in the process. It’s like a goddamn music to his ears. He gets pretty motivated by it and went at it for a good few minutes. After this, he drags Janice to the bed and bends her over. He then starts fucking that fuck hole she call a vagina as hard as he can. James makes it more fun by grabbing her by the neck as he wreck that pussy. James drags her in various positions to satisfy his big dick. James primary goal was to have Janice squirt as hard as she can and he succeeded with flying colors. James decided to reward Janice’s effort with a huge load of cum deposited in her mouth which Janice gladly swallowed. She cleans his dick afterwards like a good slut she is.

James Deen, Janice Griffith

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