Katrina Jade feels the power of Prince's BBC


Every slut ever will inevitably go through with a big cock inside them at some point. Not just regular big cock but a cock that so thick that it permanently damages them. Katrina Jade’s rite of passage gets featured here to get you some close up of the process with Prince Yahshua, the monster cocked BBC fuck god. This seductive, tattooed chick thinks she’s all that but she never had Prince inside her before. We are really lucky to have it hosted here featuring her first time going through this, or rather, Prince going through her. So, for the pleasantries, Katrina says hello to his monster cock by licking and sucking, hopefully, all of it. Keeping up with her looks, Katrina didn’t back down from the challenge. In fact, she tried feigning confidence but when Prince grabs her and starts using her, all she can do is to let out gagging noises. With that, they proceed to the next phase. Katrina goes on all fours on the couch and lets Prince do his magic. Prince inspects her holes a bit and eventually using his fat dick to go directly in her ass hole. Katrina gets fucked hard for a while and flips her over to have a good look at tits and face as he destroy her ass. At some point, Katrina sucked his fat dick to do some transition. From this, Prince dragged Katrina in different positions to just laying her down, making her ride his dick or just plainly bending her over. The only thing that stays constant all throughout the changes is him fucking her hard and keeping it that way. When he was about to cum, he did it by making Katrina kneel before his glorious cock and making her choke on it for one last time. When the time came to release his gratitude to this slut, he burst it into her mouth to keep it from making any mess.


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