Grayson Z's Ass in NYC


Grayson Z, James Deen


James Deen meets up with Grayson Z in the busy streets of New York. The weather seems cold as he is dressed with three layers of clothing. He has a winter coat on and under it a violet T-shirt. Another white tee is under the violet one. But the way she is dressed says otherwise. She is wearing a black off-shoulder, long-sleeved cropped top, and a pair of yellow jeans. She completes her outfit with a necklace, a pair of eyeglasses and a pair of knee-high boots. James and Grayson walk around the big apple for a little while before heading somewhere private. He reaches out as she sits on the bed and lowers her top down showing off her large cleavage. She seems uneasy as she sits cross-legged. She then uncrosses them. She later on lays down on the bed for a little while before standing up. Grayson takes her boots first exposing a pair of blue ankle-length socks. Her pair of jeans comes off second revealing her black panties and big ass. She kneels down in front of him and begins sucking his big cock. James stands up so that he can take his clothes off completely and allows her to give him a blowjob. She initially grabs his big dick, looking like she is measuring it, thinking whether or not its whole length can fit her mouth. Without any warning, she positions his dick into her mouth and deepthroats him. James, with his dick already hard, turns her around. With her ass cheeks facing his hardon, he thrusts it inside her ass hole in a table top position. He humps her hard as he gets rid of her cropped top. Her big tits are now exposed for everyone to see. Without pulling out, they switch into the scoop me up position, making her tight butt hole wrap even tighter around his big dick. James, not satisfied with their current position, switches again into doggy-style. He finishes off with reverse cowgirl position before letting Grayson suck his cock once again as he rests on the bed. She keeps switching position making sure that she is taking his whole cock into her warm mouth. Now that he is well-rested and his dick is hard again, James positions Grayson on her side, with back against his chest and goes for anal sex once more. Feeling that he is about to reach his peak, with cum already dripping from the tip of his penis, he changes to missionary position and humps her hard. Grayson Z sucks James Deen’s big cock knowing that he is about to cum. As she wraps her mouth around his dick tightly, he releases his warm juices all over her face. She excitedly swallows his cum.


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