Grayson Z Has Crazy Anal Sex


The gorgeous Grayson Z sits on the bed, smiling nervously. She looks really stunning, wearing her red coat. But we all know she would look smokin’ hot once she begins stripping off her clothes. Little by little, James is helping her get over her nerves. As he continues to help calm her nerves, Grayson Z begins taking off layers and layers of her clothing. She and James sit on the bed. Soon, the room becomes less tense, and she pulls her pants down to her knees. She reaches for his cock while his hands sneak their way into her panties. He begins rubbing her and Grayson Z enjoys the rough sensation of his fingers. When James Deen slides his pants down completely, Grayson Z can’t hide how pleasantly surprised she was with the size of his dick. She leans face-down on the bed and gives James Deen a nice, hard, deepthroat. Her mouth coats his erect dick expertly, James almost forgets this was her first amateur porn video. He loves the way she sensually trails her tongue along and around his shaft. She sucks and licks every inch of his dick, and all he could do is to massage and grab her plump buttcheeks. He wants to be the first to drill her rough and hard through her asshole. Grayson Z turns and now her butthole is positioned right in front of James’ rock hard cock. He points his dick directly at the opening of her backdoor. He slides his dick inside and their genitals fit together perfectly like a glove. It is so damn tight that even James can’t help but inhale sharply and gasp at how her ass sucks his dick deeper inside. He pushes in and out of her asshole with much restraint from cumming too early. The sensation was so hot and he feels like he could bury his cock in her ass forever. His thrusts soon become faster and harder and Grayson Z begins cursing under her breath. Who knew rough sex could bring out the potty-mouth in her? She turns her head to meet his gaze and begs him to fuck her more. And fuck her more he does. They lay on their sides and James slides his cock inside her pussy from behind. Grayson Z sure is having the time of her life. James notices that she hasn’t completely taken off her pants yet, and so he helps her get completely naked just like him. Her body is to die for! Seeing her naked body in full view made him hornier. He makes sure he has inserted the entire length of his cock inside her. His arm props her leg up and she turns to make sexy eye contact. They share a brief, lingering kiss. James then sits up while Grayson Z turns to lean face-forward. She gives James another hot blowjob. She is happy to show off her skillful tongue and mouth to James. She sucks hard and laces her tongue around the bulb of his erect shaft. While James is deep in his reverie, Grayson Z takes this chance to get up, straddles James and engulfs his cock with her wet pussy. She thrusts her hips up and down so fast. She leans forward to French kiss him as she fucks him faster and faster. She raises her hands and throws her head back because the sexual pleasure is just too intense for her to contain. On and on she rides him so roughly. It is a miracle that she has still yet to reach her climax. They try different positions. Grayson Z turns to her side and James ass-fucks her once again. Then, he lays on his back while Grayson Z goes on to ride him while her back is facing him. Up and down she slides her wet pussy all along the hardness of his cock. She curses, and moans and begs James not to stop. Before the two collapse on the bed and Grayson Z sucks his cock one last time, James gets Grayson Z to go on all fours so he can invade her asshole with his massive dick.


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