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We know that there is a saying that goes “don’t meet your heroes”. April Aniston goes against and as a result, she gets handled like a mere object of James Deen. But considering her demeanor all throughout, it seems that she don’t being handle like one. What a nasty slut. Awesome. April is extremely excited to meet James Deen. She fan-girls out the second she gets in the car. The introduction to porn is so real that this Teen blonde hasn't even chose a porn name. The group all figure out a name for her while driving around. James Deen is learning about her porno desires. He wants to make all her dreams come true. She wants to get into the porn industry full time. Because of this, James spends a lot of time giving April information. He explains how the adult film industry works. Everything from boundaries and limits to the meaning of the contracts that she is signing. Sophia Grace acts as camera woman and captures the entire process. Eventually April's nerves settle. The blonde teen is horny and waiting for James Deen to make a move. Her pussy is off limits due to it being her time of the month. April isn't sure if she can take the porn star's cock up her asshole, and James is taking it slow because it is her first time. They decide she should just suck his dick while Sophia Grace watches and touches her pussy. There is plenty of deep throat action and lots of spit. April Harmon is a natural born cock sucker. She alternates between worshiping James Deen's dick and opening her throat to be fucked in the mouth. After James Deen shoots his cum in April's mouth, she Swallow every drop. She loved her first time on camera and is excited for many more opportunities to suck and fuck on camera.


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