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Alice March Bangs the Fuck Out of James Deen

Alice March is a petite rough sex loving whore with brunette hair. Her smile is impeccable but don't let that and her beautiful blue eyes, and small stature deceive you because she can take any size cock that you throw at her. Alice loves to be dominated and being told what to do. Alice introduces herself by showing her petite body and her small tits, but as she turns there's a surprise as her ass is big for such a small girl. She drops her panties and shows off her asshole and pink pussy, then plops on the couch and rubs her pink clit and moans at her touching herself. James Deen familiarizes himself with her and drags her by the neck to sit on his lap and rubs her pink pussy raw, he kisses and chokes Alice as she reaches for his huge cock. She kneels to get on eye level with his cock and shoves it in her salivating mouth. He slaps his cock against her face and rams his dick down her throat making choke and gasp for air. He drags her to the couch with her head hanging over the armrest and impales his dick into her throat and making her choke, he removes his dick from her throat and lightly cums on her face. He picks her up by the neck and shoves his big cock into her raw pink pussy. He chokes Alice with his leg as he furiously pounds her pussy. He makes her get up and fucks her against the wall with both her arms and legs against it. He makes her do a crab walk with her neck resting on the armrest and he rams his cock down her throat, she can hardly breathe and her mascara starts running with tears. He sits on the couch and sits her on his cock and covers her nose and mouth with her shirt making it hard for her to breathe; she gasps for air and h smothers her shirt on her face. As he continues to destroy her pussy she grunts and moans and her blue eyes beg for more and he spits on her face and tits and she cums while he chokes her red, but he's not done, he makes her suck on his cock while he spits on her face and she smiles with delight. She rides him reverse cowgirl and he sticks a thumb in her ass and she moans and rides harder. He bends her over and fucks her raw pussy with no remorse and she shrieks and grunts and begs him for more. He pulls her hair back as she bounces on his dick and she shrieks with excitement. He instructs her to cum and she listens. He degrades her and with a marker writes bang, open, and she instructs him to write whore on her like the one she is. He fucks her face against the wall and facials her, then slaps her as she moans and smiles.

Alice March, James Deen

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