Katy Kiss: Redhead Gets Wrecked By James Deen


James Deen, Katy Kiss


Katy Kiss is at the BANG.COM casting couch to show off her hot body. This horny redhead is ready to be destroyed on camera by huge cocks in rough sex. She’s introduced to James Deen and he automatically takes over her, dominating her. He pulls Katy in to kiss her, but soon shoves his fingers in her mouth, she’s loving it. Katy pulls out his cock and starts to jerk him off as he kisses her with his hand firmly around her neck. He grabs Katy by the hair and shoves her head down toward his cocking and shoving it down her throat, she gags and turns red at his massiveness. He lays Katy on the couch and places her neck on the armrest, with her head arching back he shoves his big dick down her mouth, reaching the back of her throat. Katy gags and turns red as he fills her mouth completely making it hard for her to breathe. Katy has never been so degraded in her life but she’s loving every single fucking second of it. He slides her down to the floor, her pale pink pussy up in the air, James rams his cock in her cunt and she shrieks at his sudden entrance. He viciously fucks her while Katy moans and rubs her clit, he steps on her face while he continues to fuck her, total humiliation, but Katy can’t help but get wetter. He helps her off the floor and stands her next to the couch and gingerly inserts his cock into her raw pink pussy, but no more Mr. Nice Guy, he spanks her ass red and smothers her face with his hands, covering her nose and mouth, she begs for breath as she continues to get fucked, he finally allows her to breathe and she moans and smiles, she loves being treated like shit. James makes Katy get on all fours and suck on his feet before shoving his big dick in her mouth, she’s too gentle, he grabs her by her hair and face fucks her until she’s red in the face. He pulls her down with him to one corner of the room and makes her squat over his cock in reverse cowgirl position and he shoves his cock in her, Katy shrieks at James’ fat dick stretching out her pristine pink pussy, she holds on to the walls as she can barely handle him. He makes her get on her knees and lick his balls and taint and then he fucks her doggystyle, but goddammit it’s just not enough. He grabs her by the hair and drags her to the couch where he makes her ride him doggystyle and spanking her ass and smacking her back until it bruises up her pale porcelain skin, he shoves a finger in her ass as he continues to viciously fuck her poor little pussy with every ounce of strength he has. He degrades and fucks her pussy until he’s about to cum and does so over her spread open mouth.


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