La La Viva - Viva la Lala

La La Viva and James Deen meet up in a hotel room. It’s not the usual room that James normally checks in. He finds the place weird. Everything about the place is off but it’s not going to stop them from having some sexy time. La La arrives wearing a striped long-sleeved cropped top and a pair of black shorts. She completes her rocker chic outfit with a pair of knee-high boots, a few bracelets and a choker. Her red hair accentuates her small beautiful face packed with heavy makeup. James sits beside her wearing the usual, a black T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. The two have a little bit of conversation but La La is already giving him signals. She keeps touching her brunette hair and pouting her lips whenever he talks. Since James seems to keep ignoring the signala she’s sending, La La takes the matter into her own hands. She stands up and hops on his lap. She is already horny. She trails kisses from his forehead down to the cheeks then to the lips. He grabs her ass, lifts her shorts up and takes off her G-string. James is now horny too. He stands up, unbuckles his belt, unzips and pushes his pants down until his big cock springs free to life. She hurriedly kneels down and deepthroats his cock. Both of them are naked. James is sitting on the couch and La La hops on top of him, slowly guiding his hard dick into her shaved pussy. She fucks him in cowgirl. He wants more pleasure so he lies down on the couch without pulling his dick out of her. She suddenly rises, turns around and fucks him in reverse cowgirl until both of them are almost at their peak. They suddenly stop and decide to eat each other out since they don’t want to finish their hookup just yet. La La starts off by kissing him on the lips before heading down and sucking his cock. She gives him a blowjob until he is ready to return the favor. James then lays her down on the couch, her back on the headrest. He wraps his arms around her legs, lifts them up, kisses her on the lips and finishes by eating her pussy. Her pussy is now wet. He turns her around and positions her on fours. He then rams his dick into her pussy, surprising her. She almost screams. He humps her hard that once again, they almost orgasm. James Deen, without pulling his dick out from her tight pussy, lies down on the couch. He fucks her in reverse cowgirl until both of them are satisfied. La La Viva is so tired from the hook up that she almost finished a whole bottle of mineral water.